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Finished Goods 


Knitting, Textile Dyeing and Finishing Manufacturer

Futuretex Co., Ltd is a leading knit fabric manufacturer based in Thailand, proudly serving the textile industry for over three decades. We specialize in knitting fabrics providing a comprehensive range of services.  We have established ourselves as a trusted partner for garment companies and clothing brands. We take pride in being your one-stop shop, providing knitting, dyeing, and finishing services. 


Knitting machine ทอผ้ายืด
Dyeing ย้อมผ้า

Our dyeing and finishing services capacity is up to
approximately 650 tons/month.
Our dyeing machines include High Temperature Jet,
Rapid Winch and Jet Dyeing

We also provide commission dyeing services as well


Our Finishing Machines includes Open width compactor,
stenter, tubular compact, and Brushing Machine.

Other Functional /Performance Finishing includes Anti-UV, Anti Bacteria, Anti Odor, Quick Dry, and Cooling Functions

Product & Service

Additional services also include our in-house laboratory for
color and specific technical function fabrics.  Reach out to us for more information.

Learn More about Knit Fabrics

Learn more about Futuretex's product range and how we can help you grow your Company! 

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